Full Scene Painting

≥$500 USD

Coloured Portrait

≥$250 USD

Greyscale Portrait

≥$150 USD


≥$90 USD

Ransom logo.

Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Tabby Cat
🍁❤️💜💙 (Any)


Prices are an estimate, and may vary depending on detail (e.g. many characters, elaborate environments, intricate designs, and/or extra panels).Payment is accepted through PayPal.

Blacklisted Subject Matter
Will Not Draw
⛔️ Animal genitalia ⛔️ Crushing ⛔️ Extreme anatomy (e.g. hyper, inflation, same-size vore) ⛔️ Hard vore (e.g. chewing or digestion) ⛔️ Minors in a fetishy or sexual situation ⛔️ Pornography of copyrighted properties (Rule 34) ⛔️ Pro-fascism, pro-bigotry, or similar far-right philosophies ⛔️ Scat ⛔️ Stench (e.g. gas, armpit, or excessive sweat kinks) ⛔️ Watersports ⛔️ ZoophiliaUnlisted subjects may still be vetoed at the artist's discretion.